Shall you take a shower or control the weather?

The managers of this swimming pool facility should have better asked a proficient English-Spanish signage translator to translate this sign from English to Spanish. Online translation systems translate words one by one and do not take the context in consideration. As a result, the translated text ends us, as in this case, being funny and difficult to understand for a Spanish native speaker.

Whoever has been at least once in a public swimming-pool or club knows that there are usually showers nearby for visitors to use and that it is polite and a pro-environment attitude to turn off the shower after it is used. This is what the English notice reads.

However, its Spanish version is not only badly written from the grammar point of view but also a collection of words that make no sense at all, unless the visitor has the wonderful ability to make heavy rains go away. What would the most appropriate translated version would be? I’d suggest: “Por favor, recuerde cerrar la ducha al terminar.”

This is just a simple example of the advantages of relying translations to professional translation agencies such as Day Translations, Inc. Language is our natural means of communication with each other and showing an excellent command of it is essential in cosmopolitan and multilingual communities in which people from different language backgrounds come together every time.

Can you suggest a better way in which this message could have been translated? Please feel free to send us your comment below.

Image credit: Flickr photo by natalia love under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.