Poor Translation May Lead to Poor Sales

Nowadays, a lot of people are so concerned about losing weight and getting fit. As such, it is the goal of many to watch the food they eat. They make sure that they eat the right kind of food so as to get the right amount of nutrients and not exceed their calorie and fat intake. As such, it is very much crucial for these individuals that the labels of the food items they buy are correct. So just imagine these people holding that item as depicted in the picture above, staring at it with their eyebrows knit together in confusion. Would you still think that they would buy it? I highly doubt it. I myself also wouldn’t.

In the said picture, instead of saying low fat, the French translation of the phrase says low wholesale. Unlike its effect to the owner and/or manufacturer of such product, the adverse effect of said mistranslation is not that great when it comes to the consumers. If they do not understand what it says, they can always look for other items to serve as alternatives. But when it comes to the business owner, what will happen is that it will lose all its existing customers as well as the potential ones. Ultimately, it will not earn profit and might have to close down. One might say that this is stretching it a little bit too far but we all know how important proper advertising is when it comes to business.

Translation, when done involving something as crucial as a business product, should be done meticulously. It needs to take into account not only the term being translated but also the item on which it will be used once the task of translating is done. It needs to be reviewed thoroughly to see if the same is appropriate. This is to ensure that it will do its job of promoting the product and not the other way around.

Image credit – via Pinterest

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