Mistranslation Makes for a Most Uncomfortable Meal

Imagine this, you’re walking through your hotel over to the dining hall to enjoy some local flavor when you stumble across this lovely gem of a sign. “Ah,” you think, “what a hilarious example of what happens when you alter one letter in the term pork”. Now imagine you’re with your child and they ask, “What’s barbecue porn?” What started as a hilarious mistranslation turns into one of the more awkward conversations a person can have with one’s own offspring.

Be sure to avoid the ruckus, and always trust your translation with a professional translator, or at least ask a native speaker if the sign is correct!

Have a mistranslation of your own? Be sure to share it either via email or in the comments below!

Image Credit: “20 WTF Food Fails That Will Ruin Any Appetite” byHeavy.

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