Maintain Cleaness Greenery is our Breath

A sign is supposed to be of help to people. It could be a warning, a directional aid, an information tool or an announcement. However, if the translation is not good, then the sign is more of a hindrance rather than a helpful instrument. It can cause loads of laughter as well. For the sign creator though, it was done with good intention, and that is to help foreigners understand the sign that is written in the local language.

Take a look at this sign for example. As a tourist, the sign, in the local language would be “Greek to me” (I beg your pardon, Shakespeare). However, the English translation would cause you to shake your head in bewilderment. Since you cannot make heads or tails of it, would it suffice to say that this sign just probably wants you to love and take care of the environment, keep it clean and green, so that you will have fresh air to breathe?

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Image credit: Taken from Fun Signs

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