It’s Not Fast Enough to be a Tornado

The names of some objects or machines cannot be properly translated. A computer, for instance, is usually a computer in a lot of other languages. Otherwise, machines follow a naming convention, which is historically based.

For instance, a car is “coche” in some languages. The translation refers to the coach, which was a popular mode of transport prior to the advent of automobiles. In the same manner, the term “bus” comes from “autobus,” which was a word used in Great Britain as well as in Spain. It is not a coincidence that “bus” and “autobus” are still in use and still have the same meaning.

There could be difficulties in translating “carousel,” for instance. However, if it is called a “horse tornado” in some countries, then it means that it would take a long time before it starts being called a “carousel.” Although a carousel is an enduring ride at theme parks, the roving carnival is no longer as popular as before. There are less and less of carnivals than there were before. Amusement parks have been supplanted by theme parks, which are supported by big name entertainment companies.

On top of that, there is a shorter queue for people who want to ride the carousel. Different kinds of rollercoasters have become the most significant landmarks or anchor rides for a theme park. Considering that if a carousel does go round and round, it is not strange that the name for this ride in other countries is “horse tornado.” What is bothersome is that it may have an exciting name, but it runs at a glacial pace.

Sometimes, a word or the name of an object does not need to be translated. It is perfectly on its own when the picture was taken. There is no reason why this iconic ride has to have its name translated. No matter what it looks like, if it functions around the same principle, it is just still a carousel.

Image credit – Mistranslations via Pinterest

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