Downloading Hangers – The Internet’s Latest Novelty

Sometimes translations seem like an easy task. There is nothing too complicated about looking for the translation of each term in a dictionary and then putting all the words together to form a sentence. However, this picture shows how tricky translations can be and the results that impromptu translators can have when they are not entirely sure about what they are doing.

The person in charge of this shop decided to improvise a sign asking people to bring the hangers down, either to the ground floor or maybe to their original location. However, due to a mistranslation, those reading the sign are actually being encouraged to download the hangers… from the Internet?

Day Translations is a professional translation agency dedicated to helping people who speak very different languages to communicate with each other. In this case, the Spanish speakers in charge of writing the original message failed to hire a professional translator to properly convey the message in English, probably because they thought the sign to be too short or not important enough to be sent for translation. However, at Day Translations we work with all types of messages, no matter how informal or short they are.

As the professional translators we are, we present you with the correct translation of the original text:

“Please BRING THE HANGERS DOWN! Thank you!”

What do you think a translation like this one says about the shop? Feel free to comment below!

Image credit: 10 Funny Translations From English To Spanish And Vice Versa by, Inc., 2014.