Become Light More Stylish Than Whom!

Mistranslations are common enough nowadays, and they can be very confusing. That’s why we here at Day Translations are working on correcting these mistranslations so that we can improve communication. But of course, having both the original texts and the translated texts make the re-translating of the mistranslation much easier. Unfortunately for us, this is quite the doozy.

Chances are, this original board came from China—much like anything else that is manufactured nowadays. By kick board, the box is probably referring to either a skateboard or possibly a scooter. We’re guessing that this was meant to appeal to the “radical” and “cool” skateboarder crowd. How could you not be impressed by the fact that this board can allow you to “become light more stylish than whom”? And everyone accepts this fact? This must be an incredible board!

A proper description might be: “You will be changed after using this board. You can travel lightly while still being stylish. It is an undisputed fact. The original kick board is ready for any challenge. Are you?” However, because we don’t have the original text, we will never know just what on earth was the marketer trying to say in their description.

Image credit: Unknown Kick board manufacturer

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