Are the Beans Really Sitting?

Bean bag chairs are comfortable, easy to carry to carry around and conforms to the buttocks. They also are not very popular with old-fashioned communities, and these have only seen a slim popularity outside of the United States. These are a hard sell in other countries.

This mistranslation completely missed its mark, and instead on emphasizing that it is a chair, it has put emphasis on the beans. Originally, bean bag chairs were made of “beans” or bean like objects stuffed into a bag, and persons can sit on them. Strictly speaking a sack of beans could be called a bean bag chair, and the only reason it is not is because of the shape of the chair. A bean bag chair’s container is roughly round, and the beans are not packed or tamped down inside. There is a large amount of air in the bag, much like that of a bag of chips. If it was filled to the brim, several things would happen: it would be hard to carry because of its weight; it would not conform to the shape of the body sitting on it; and it would not be comfortable to sit on.

Nowadays, bean bag chairs come in different shapes and sizes. They are no longer limited to those shaped like round chairs. There are those which are shaped like soft chairs. Designers have put a spin on bean bag chairs and created forms and shapes that would allow a person to sit back, and lie back on the back seat.

Sitting beans as a mistranslation is a fairly common mistake. There are possible reasons for this, including misunderstanding “bean bag chair” as “bean bag seat” or “bean bag to sit on.” From there it is fairly easy to come up with “sitting on bean” as there are languages, which use this grammatical form. In any way the translation may have been mangled, the bean bag is still a comfortable seat.

Image credit – Mistranslations via Pinterest

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