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Translation work is fun. Interview our President and learn more!

Interview our President

Many people think that translation work is easy, but that is just half of the truth. Our president, Sean Hopwood knows that very well, as he started Day Translations, Inc. from the ground up. He wants a lot more people to understand and appreciate the value of translation work and inspire students and people with a love for languages to think of translation as a veritable profession. He has been interviewed many times, and loves sharing his ideas about translation work, the business of translation and how to become a translator. For interview requests, kindly fill up the form.

Translation is the work that we do and are passionate about. It takes a special group of people with special skills to do document translation. It requires patience, dedication, attention to details, understanding of various cultures and norms and a language proficiency that does not stop at simply knowing how to speak and write the language but also about its construction, its grammar, syntax, context, various nuances, tones, dialects, slangs, jargons and meanings and the terminologies used in different fields. Translation also requires knowledge and experience in different professions and various knowledge fields. It is hard work but it is also fun work.


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