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THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! The ‘Sexiest Language’ survey is now officially closed. Stay tuned for more exciting giveaways and do not forget to bookmark this page!

Survey & Raffle Contest #1 – World’s Sexiest Language

We love all things related to language. But what makes you swoon? Is it the sound of Parisian French? Or would you prefer to hear the suave rhythm of Spanish? We’re curious to know, and we need your help! Share your opinion, and get a chance to win a gift card from worth $100!

How can I participate?
Please fill out our ‘Sexiest Language’ survey below and tell us what you think. Do not forget to enter a valid email address to qualify for the raffle.

Day Translations’ ‘Sexiest Language’ survey will start on October 6, 2014 at 12:00 AM EST and ends on October 10, 2014. Please review the Survey and Contest Rules and Guidelines for more information.

Let’s put it to a vote!
When filling out the survey, please take note of the following:

1. If the choice language is not in any of the regional lists, please enter your choice language in the custom box.
2. You can choose more than one language, however you can only select one language per region. If your language or languages of choice are not in any of the regional lists, please use the custom box.
3. Once a language is selected in a region, you can no longer deselect it. Please refresh your browser to remove the selection and try filling out the survey form again.
4. IMPORTANT – To ensure fairness for all, we will implement IP address participant restrictions. One vote per IP address and email address only. Responses will be reviewed thoroughly and for any identified discrepancies, participant(s) will be contacted for verification.

How can I join the raffle contest?

To qualify for the raffle and have a chance to win $100 Amazon gift card, please enter the same email address you used to participate in the “Sexiest Language”survey. The winner will be drawn via Rafflecopter.

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