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What is a certified translation like in the United States?

In the United States, a certified translation is accompanied by a Certificate of Accuracy. This Certificate is signed by either the translator who worked on the document or the translation company itself and includes a statement affirming that the translated text is an accurate and complete translation of the original document.

At Day Translations, each of our Certificates of Accuracy consists of our official letterhead with the certification, signature of the translator and date, as well as the company’s stamp and seal.

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Why do I need a certified translation?

Institutions and organizations, such as regulatory agencies or courts of law, usually require your translated official documents to be certified. Whether you’re going on a university exchange or moving to a new country, Day Translations can provide you with the certified translations you need in any language.

Harvard University is one of many American institutions that requires translations to be certified. So, if you’re a graduate of a foreign secondary school, you’ll be required to submit all reports translated into English and certified by an accredited translator.

Another example is in the case of state recognition of inter-country adoptions. In the state of Maryland, a US birth certificate application must be accompanied by a certified translation of the adoption order, where the original is not in English.

Can you help me if my translation needs notarization?

Day Translations can also help you if you require not only a certified translation but a notarized translation as well. This additional service will add the notary’s signature to the translated document as an official witness to the signing of the document. The notarization can be added as a footer to the text or as a separate statement assuring the accuracy of the translation.

We Provide All Kinds Of Certified Translations Services

Certified Transcripts

We specialize in the American University System and deliver all documents to suit their guidelines and requirements.


We can provide apostille services to legalize your documents for official international use and guaranteed acceptance.


We’re experts in the U.S. immigration system and understand all the different visa requirements for every application.

Translation Affidavits

If you need to provide a translation affidavit with a college diploma, high school transcript or passport we can help.

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