Website Localization Bronze Package

Content only. Manage the development of your subdomains
in-house. Localized texts in any language, for any region

    • Full Localization of Website Content
    • Numbers and Measurements
    • 24 Hour Assistance
    • Prompt Delivery
    • Creation of Subdomains and Hreflangs
    • Content Upload
    • Linguistic Testing
    • Localization Testing
    • Images & Icons
    • International SEO

  • Bronze

    Content Only
    • Full Localization of Website ContentCheck
    • Numbers and MeasurementsCheck
    • 24 Hour AssistanceCheck
    • Prompt DeliveryCheck
    • Creation of Subdomains and HreflangsCross
    • Content UploadCross
    • Linguistic TestingCross
    • Localization TestingCross
    • Images & IconsCross
    • International SEOCross
    • Get Pricing

Aware of the local lingo & cultural nuances

Whether you have your own tools or software in place, or you simply want to coordinate the programming side of your project, we can provide you with localized texts in any language, for any region.

Bronze Package Includes:

Full Localization of Your Website Content — Pages, articles, blogs, social media, presentations, landing pages, and any other content you need localized. Any language, any region, anywhere.

Numbers & Measurements — We’ll ensure that all dates are formatted according to region and measurements are correctly displayed in imperial or metric.

24/7 Assistance — We’re always open and all our Project Managers are updated on the status of your project at all times, and can answer any questions or concerns, or action new requests in real time.

Prompt Delivery — We have a turnaround rate of 2,500 to 3,000 words per day (24 hours), which can be extended as per your individual needs. All of our projects are carried out adhering to our strict 5-Step Quality Control Process Model.

What we need from you:

Delivery of Texts:

  • Files in editable format if possible and if applicable, or via URL
  • Instructions on the format, sections to translate
  • Glossary of preferred terms if available
  • Country or countries for target audience

What we need from you:


  • We accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, checks and bank transfers. Payment is requested in advance.



Bronze Package Value

Content translation and localization is priced on a per word basis and we offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry, ranging from $0.12 – 0.18 USD per word for common languages.

Some rarer languages may be priced at a higher rate, and for very large word counts a discounted cost may apply. Every package is bespoke and designed to fit your individual needs, so please contact its for your tailor-made quote.

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