Information about the Malaysian Flag: Colors and Meaning of the Flag of Malaysia

:: Meaning of the Malaysia Flag ::

The current flag of Malaysia was officially adopted in September 16, 1963 and used the flag of the United States as its model. There are 14 red and whites stripes of equal width on the flying side of the flag and a dark blue canton on the hoisting side. The colors and design symbolize unity, the symbols of Islam and royalty.

The official colors of the flag of Malaysia are red, white, yellow and dark blue, combining the stars and stripes and traditional Islamic symbols. It has 14 alternating stripes of red and white, starting with red. All the stripes are of even size. A dark blue canton is on the upper left corner of the flag with a crescent moon and a 14-point star in the middle of the canton.

The dark blue canton stands for unity of the people of Malaysia. The crescent moon is the symbol of Islam and the 14-point star symbolizes the unity of the 13 states and the federal government. The red and white stripes of even size stand for the equal status of the federal government and the member states in the federation. Yellow is the color of royal Rulers of the Malay States.

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