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This New Free Translation Chrome Plugin Makes You Look Smarter

This New Free Translation Chrome Plugin Makes You Look Smarter
on April, 26 2017

Remember having to hustle to look up an unfamiliar word or phrase? Nimble fingers typing before your coworker realizes you don’t understand what the heck she’s saying? If you’ve ever worked with an overseas client, collaborated with colleagues in China, or picked up a project with ESL partners, you know the feeling. But now there's a free translation Chrome plugin for that!

Chrome Plugin that Hustles For You

Well, now you can remember it fondly, because that feeling of scrambling is a thing of the past. This Free Translation Chrome plugin puts a speedy translator immediately at hand. No matter what else your browser is doing.

Day Translation’s Free Chrome Plugin Tool is exactly what it sounds like: A fast, free utility from the world’s leading translation services provider. The plugin is ridiculously easy to install, a process clocking in at about 30 seconds. This means you can focus on translating, “THIS IS AMAZING!!” into the dozens of languages that you are now thinking about learning.


Your New Favorite Free Chrome Plugin

Anytime you have some text you need to be translated, just zip over to the plucky yellow and green icon up by your adblockers and typitty-tap away. You don’t even have to push Command-T! The language detection software gets your translation started before you even have a chance to pick a target language. That’s how fast it is.

With all that extra time, you can craft an even more sophisticated Swahili subject line to come off as sharp and on point as humanly possible. Which you are. Because you care about language and you have a great Chrome plugin.

It handles over 70 languages both near and far, so while you may be multilingual, now you can come off as even more fluent than you really are.

If you feel like taking the longer road, follow the Chrome plugin link and meander over to the Day Translations free translation tool page. There you can repose languidly in the jacuzzi-like text entry boxes, translating one body of text after another until you are lean and strong.


Human Powered Translator vs. Chrome Plugin

The only downside to these tools? They can’t guarantee 100 percent accuracy. That, however, is the nature of machine translators. Until the roboapocalypse, machines simply can’t understand the nuance of living languages the way people can. And that’s why if you have a serious translation project, you should always leave it to the (human, red-blooded) professionals.

If you need a more serious human-like translator, or if your target language is one of the more obscure among Earth’s 7,120 living languages, there’s an easy link to get started with Day Translations’ worldwide team of professionals.

They will personally care for your project to ensure that it is not only technically correct but that it also flows smoothly in the target language. And fits the format you need. This is the perfect solution for medical documents, legal documents or certified translations.

But for speed and convenience, the Day Translations Free Translation Tool is the perfect fix. Oh, and did we mention it’s free? Yep, free! So there you go. Now you are equipped for rapid-fire translation. Happy languaging, and say goodbye to that feeling of fumbling for a phrase! Are you ready to translate?

Brian Oaster

Brian Oaster is a Content Writer at Day Translations. He has worked all over the world as an arts educator, English teacher, basket exporter, bookstore owner, fortune teller, and as the first mate of a private sailing yacht! Educated in the visual arts and an avid reader of news and literature, his focus is on international arts and culture, world religions and global politics.

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