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Summer Camp Kids Will Travel to China this Summer

Summer Camp Kids Will Travel to China this Summer
on June, 24 2016

Local Non­Profit, ReDefiners, offers Mandarin Lessons to Summer Camp Participants

ReDefiners World Languages, Inc. (RDWL) launched its all new Passport to China class this summer in partnership with the University Area Community Development Corporation, Inc. (UACDC).  The Passport to China program provides campers the experience of a lifetime as they interact with Chinese heritage instructors in a fun­filled hour each week of camp. Participants learn songs, counting, how to use chopsticks and engage in Chinese New Year festivities.

“We are honored to be working with the UACDC this summer to bring language learning to their summer camp kids,” stated RDWL’s Founder and Executive Director, Chantelle Daniels.  “Our mission is to introduce world languages and culture education to Tampa’s most underserved kids and the UACDC has provided the perfect opportunity to do so.”

RDWL, founded in late 2015, began official programming for kids this summer.  The Passport to China camp program is being offered at the UACDC managed Mort Park in Lutz as well as the collaborative learning space, Hey Giant!, in Seminole Heights.  RDWL also offers fully immersive classes in Spanish, Arabic and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) through home­based, after­school, and school­day formats.  Classes can be structured to fit the needs of the center or the participants with an emphasis on communicative language proficiency.

About ReDefiners World Languages, Inc.: RDWL is a non­profit organization founded in 2015 that promotes the normalization of foreign language education in elementary schools in Tampa, FL, by providing equal opportunity for disadvantaged families.  RDWL is well­ supported by USF faculty and leaders within the field of language education with a proven track record in curricular development, teaching and leadership within the local community.  RDWL is currently seeking funding from grants, corporate sponsors and private donations to expand its programming throughout Tampa.

About the University Area Community Development Corporation, Inc.: The UACDC serves the University Area Community of Tampa, FL, where high crime, poverty and a lack of basic resources has plagued the area for decades. Of those served, 95% are below poverty level. The UACDC works to improve the economic, educational and social levels of the community through youth programs, adult education and resource assistance. Funds provided through grants, private contributions and public appropriations help residents participate in most programs free of charge.

For more information on ReDefiners World Languages, Inc., please visit or call (813) 530­2313.  For more information on the University Area CDC, visit or call (813) 558­5212.  

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