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5 Benefits of Having a Multilingual Website

5 Benefits of Having a Multilingual Website
on May, 05 2016

DayTranslations-5-Benefits-of-having-a-multilingual-websiteThe Internet has a worldwide reach, it's true. Yet, not everyone speaks or understands English. If you want to reach several different markets around the world, translating and localizing your website and marketing content is essential.

If you're still in doubt about how translation and localization will help you reach your company's growth goals, take a look at this list we've compiled; the top 5 benefits of having a multilingual website: 

1- Effectively reach any target market. Users will be encouraged to visit your site if it is in their own language. Non-English speaking customers tend to veer away from English-only sites, as they cannot get all the information that they need.

2- Reach more Customers cost-effectively. A multilingual site is cost-efficient. Since your site is available in several languages and countries, you get to reach more people in your target market without having to spend more money.

3- More customers = Higher conversion. Customers like to feel important and if yours believe that you’ve taken the time to study their tastes, needs and language requirements, they’ll be more inclined to purchase your services.

4- Build trust among your customers. Localization generates trust. After all, would you do business with a company whose language you didn’t understand and whose terms and conditions were unclear? Not only will customers appreciate your website being tailored to their needs, but they’ll be far more likely to trust in a company who speaks their own language.

5- Get One Up On The Competition. Search these days is local and if your customers in different target markets are using local search terms to find what they’re looking for, your site will appear higher in their search. Kiss the competition goodbye if they’re working with a monolingual site.

What are you waiting for? Start thinking how you plan to conquer the global market, and if you need help getting your website and marketing materials localized, give us a shout!

Sean Patrick Hopwood

Sean Patrick Hopwood is a lover of languages, peace, progress, education, and positivity. Speaking 6 languages, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Portuguese and Hebrew, he has shown a love of cultures since childhood. He is currently the C.E.O. of Day Translations, Incorporated. Follow Sean in Facebook, Google+, or visit his website at

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