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Pros and Cons of Working at a Large Law Firm

DayTranslationsBlog Pros and Cons of Working at a Large Law Firm
Pros and Cons of Working at a Large Law Firm
on September, 02 2015

Working with lawyers and clients 5 days a week is (already) a huge challenge, yet, when compared to working for big law firms; It is a whole new story.

Large firms offer a unique practice environment for interns, and once you get hired, you begging to share the status of being associated with a reputable firm. It goes beyond prestige; it’s also about the opportunities and sophisticated work that make it genuinely attractive to become part of a large law company. So far, working at a big firm sounds like a great deal! Nevertheless, be prepared for some drawbacks. We made this list of pros and cons of working at a large firm:


- High salary: Larger law firms are able to offer higher salary packages compared to smaller firms. For obvious reasons, they have a better financial picture than small firms. Only a few small firms would be willing to compensate newbies who need training and also the investment of different resources before they become profitable.

- Excellent training: A crucial advantage of big law firms is the easy access to the best and most valuable know-how resources. From exclusive literature and fancy facilities with technology integration, to the better paid lawyers per area as part of their staff; size allows large firms to attract and retain amazing human talent, latter used to mentor new hires. As an inherent benefit; they are your colleagues!

- Continuous growth: Big firms somehow act like “Think tanks” where educational programs are developed, open, and offered to Interns first. To those remarkable good performers, there are scholarships.

- Diverse Experience: Large law firms are privileged to be trusted by a long assorted list of clients. This offers a good opportunity for less experienced lawyers to gain worthy ground, by dealing with a broad range of legal matters, in their daily job context, even participating in cases you may call complex.


- Long, and sometimes irregular working hours: If you’re about to undertake such a position inside a big law firm, wake up now! Long lasting weekends, shifts off at 5 and less sleeping hours are going to be over for you now. The ability to respond to the pressure over outcomes and the amount of work, will determine who gains miles ahead in the race.

- Over specialization: Due to size, large firms may be compartmentalized, wherein legal work needs to be broken down into several components so that work is done more efficiently. This is good for the client. However, from the legal intern perspective, it could limit the field during the already short practices time, making it repeated and boring; unless initiative is one of his/her virtues and gets them farther as a consequence.

- Formal atmosphere. It could be tough for some youngsters used to a more casual dress code, to be wearing ties and suit all week long. Even though, the environment full of protocols, cocktails and elegant clothes, gives you an insight to hierarchize legal world.

The work of a lawyer is demanding. It is indispensable, intellectually stimulating and its always changing changing. It can be a lucrative profession and whenever law practitioners take advantages of internships with big law firms, their lives change. There’s also another side on the coin, and it can be a nightmare to work with over demanding bosses, live in the rush hour and have to be dressed up Monday to Friday. Interns’ beliefs and expectations are right in the middle of the pros and cons of working for large law firms. Most of all would go for it, many will succeed, some may decide it’s too sacrificing, and others may just not be suited for it.

Are there any other pros or cons that you can think on working at a large firm? Let us know in the comments!

Day Translations Team

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