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Find Scholarships to Finance Your Dream to Study Abroad

Study Abroad
Find Scholarships to Finance Your Dream to Study Abroad
on July, 24 2015
Study Abroad

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Did you know that there are scholarships available so you can study abroad? Many students dream of studying abroad but their desire is hampered by finances. There are several options to make your dream come true, and a simple search will yield many results. There are scholarships offered by some universities, government agencies and others that are funded by charitable groups and external funding institutions. You can even tailor your search to your particular needs, by searching specifically by country, region, subject or your nationality, or even by your level of study: high school, undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate, for example.

Do not be overwhelmed by the thought of filling up more application forms. What is that simple task compared to getting the chance to go to another country, explore it, learn its culture, be one with the locals while broadening your knowledge about your particular subject and the world in general? You can speak with the study abroad program advisor at your school to get the information you need and a referral to reliable sources of scholarship funding. There are smaller scholarships that might give you lower funding but have less competition so you still get the chance to get more funds. The thing is to start early, seek help from knowledgeable authorities and find several resources. You should also try looking into your college's on-campus financial aid package while looking for scholarships.

A study abroad scholarship will provide you with funds to finance your expenses including lodging, travel, books and course credits.

Types of study abroad scholarships


The scholarship awards funds according to the athletic, artistic, academic and other skills of the student. Community service record and other extracurricular activities are usually factored into an applicant's success in getting the scholarship.


Applicants for this type of scholarship usually qualify based on medical and family history, religion, race or gender. Although the qualifications vary, the most common awards are minority scholarships.

Country- or region-specific

If you are planning to pursue education in a particular country or region, this is the type of scholarship you should look for. This works more as an incentive to pursue an education in a particular country instead of going elsewhere, so you need to check with the particular country's government-sponsored travel sites to check if there are scholarships available. You could also check with your school.


With this type of scholarship, your best option is to look at your school's study abroad program to find out what scholarships are open. Program-specific scholarships are given on the basis of personal and academic achievements, plus other factors. It could also be associated with a particular college or university.


If you are into a specific field of study or majoring in a specific subject, look for institutions that sponsor subject-specific scholarships. You will be required to enroll in the specific course when you go overseas. You might also be required to conduct research specific to the subject you are studying while overseas. As usual, qualifications based on the type of scholarship vary.

Studying abroad for a year or even for a semester or one summer is very rewarding. The experience of spending time in another country nurtures your learning inside and outside a school room. It helps to improve your skills in another language and allows you to broaden your horizons. It is a cheap chance to spend a long time in another country without migrating. While it could be expensive, if you spend time to actively search and combine scholarships with student financial aid with a bit of penny-pinching here and there, you will have a very valuable educational experience.

These are the main scholarship categories available. If you have others that you'd like to add, please drop us a line. We appreciate all your comments.

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