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Employee Reviews are Indispensable in Today's Business Environment

Employee Reviews are Indispensable in Today's Business Environment
on June, 30 2015

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One of the things that company heads should do, is to listen to employee's feedback to see if they are managing their business and staff the right way. This is one of the main reasons why some companies make it to the top; employee satisfaction.

Day Translations – a Top Translation Company

Day Translations, Inc. ranks as one of the top five translation companies in the 2015 Top Ten Reviews. We fully appreciate employee reviews, because these keep us on our toes and guide us in making our company stable, robust, and a workplace that is filled with happy and productive people.

There is a very competitive world out there and many enterprises do not know what hit them when they find it hard to keep their employees, whether they maintain regular staff or have a combination of regular and contracted employees. Employees are more vocal today. They express their sentiments and their complaints against co-workers, their boss and their company in general. There are many outlets to make their comments known, from social media sites to opinion polls, to dedicated industry sites where they can share their thoughts and their reviews about companies they used to work for or are currently working with. Reading their comments makes you realize what the general working trend is, what works, what's missing and what makes workers happy and satisfied.

Employee reviews is one such portal, where real current and former employees could provide reviews of business enterprises their management anonymously. Glassdoor verifies that the comments come from actual employees through screenings of content and email verification. Savvy job seekers now have the chance to get real information about companies they are interested in, without the gloss that could be positively painted by clever copywriters.

As a global translation and interpreting company, Day Translations, Inc. maintains several offices in several major cities around the world. We also hire expert and seasoned translators and interpreters who are on-call any time of the day, each day of the week. The work of an interpreter or a translator could be grueling; it's exacting; it needs dedication and total focus and concentration; and it needs the right skills and the right motivations. They should be comfortable in whatever type of environment they are in. External and internal distractions should be avoided, thus it is imperative that they are satisfied with their working hours, the fees, the deadlines, the requirements and the business processes of the company they have a contract with.

Looking at staff reviews of the companies they work for, we have identified some common problems faced by translators and interpreter, such as:

  • Lack of benefits
  • Management inflexibility
  • Low pay
  • Inconsistent grading system
  • Inefficient business and company practices
  • Isolation of different departments
  • Unpaid training hours
  • Long hours of work that are not fully compensated
  • Limited time to work on tasks
  • Lack of resources

Peer and industry reviews are important. Likewise, client testimonials have a great impact on reaching out and getting more clients. However, it is also very important to know what your staff thinks about the company and its management. Day Translations, Inc. is happy to realize that our system and processes, our business and employee/contractor policies are worthy of praise. We have received accolade from people working with us and from independent companies such as the 2015 Top Ten Reviews. We are glad that we consistently get positive reviews from our translators and interpreters, who are located around the world and difficult to meet individually. What we have is sound management, honed by trial and error, by continued learning and the application and implementation of best business practices.

Happy Workplace at Day Translations

Our entire staff forms the solid backbone of Day Translations, Inc. Without them, individually and collectively, we cannot function properly and provide our clients with the highest quality of service. And we are very thankful to them for trusting us and rendering work that make all of us proud. They are satisfied. We are satisfied.

We always look at reviews as challenges, and they make it easier to manage an enterprise where staff are located around the world because we have identified the problem areas and take heed of positive and negative reviews. Being transparent makes it easier for employees to understand company policies. Picking the right person for the job also provides us with staff that complement each other. Constant training allows our people to enhance their skills and talents. We creatively use their downtimes to utilize available resources to update their knowledge. Sending them on company-sponsored training and seminars grants them the chance to be among peers, to network and learn new skills. By trying to understand and anticipate the needs of our employees, we create a happy workplace where individuality shines and teamwork prevails. We encourage them to speak up and be heard. We encourage them to think and share their ideas. We encourage them to be responsible.

We want to share with you some of our best practices. We want you to know why Day Translations, Inc. is a happy company and why translators and interpreters are satisfied and eager to work with us.

Come and join the Day Translations family, a global family that speaks the language of mutual cooperation and understanding.

Day Translations Team

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