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Why Global Companies Need Professional Translation Services

Global Business and Translation
Why Global Companies Need Professional Translation Services
on May, 12 2015

With all the advancements in technology, the whole world has become a smaller place. Globalization and technology have allowed people to communicate with one another across the globe without the hassle and inconvenience of the past. Social media, e-mail, and even video conference have improved the quality of relationships among people — the sweet ease of communication.

These advancements have also impacted business. Distance is no longer a problem in terms of communication and closing transactions, therefore, more opportunities for business and income generation have emerged in recent years.

Cultural differences as seen in translation

Although globalization has opened up new markets faster, one problem that still remains constant over time is; cultural differences. These differences serve as barriers when it comes to strengthening business relationships.

Understanding the cultural divide to facilitate effective communication means talking to the target market in the language they speak and understand. It should be part of the business strategies of companies wanting to go global, they must fully understand the culture of the markets they want to penetrate.

One of the main strategies is to bridge the gap in communication: In recent years, it has become apparent that the use of professional translation services had increased, as well as the need for proper communication in all levels became extremely important.

Benefits of using translation services

Proper communication is key to business success, particularly for businesses looking to go global. The way to break down the language barrier is through professional translation.

While doing international business, everything that pertains to your company, such as business plans, marketing strategies, website, and even your emails, should always be translated in the target language.

It may be practical to employ multilingual staff that could read in English, yet it is better to hire professional translators who will be focused solely on the accuracy of your business documents without being involved in the day to day processes. This will facilitate the translation work.

Excellent document translation work will increase your market potential, because you are speaking to your target market in their own language. Your target audience will have an easier time to understand you and the messages you wish to convey. You are able to communicate effectively, without anything getting lost in translation — when you employ professional human translation services.

Translation services in the business world

Professional translation services are helpful when it comes to localization, which include the translation of websites into various languages. A website is an international company's spokesperson. Although English is predominantly used when communicating online, only a quarter of the Internet users actually communicate in English. The rest of the users make use of different languages or dialects.

It is easier to penetrate the target market when the consumers are at ease. Thus marketing collaterals, such as product information, product manuals, instructions, inserts, packaging and labels need to be translated into the target language as well. If you notice, most products intended for international audiences today have thicker user manuals, product information sheets and user instructions.

In a nutshell, it is not possible to enter any foreign market without the right tools. And one of the major tools that will help you play in the market would be in the use of a good translation service. That way you can be assured that all correspondences are understood properly.

Do you agree that professional translation services are important to businesses? Share with us your take on this subject.

Day Translations Team

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