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It’s Time To Get Sexy

Sexiest Language Survey Launch Date
It’s Time To Get Sexy
on October, 02 2014

It’s Time To Get Sexy! To honor our poll to find the Sexiest Language, we decided to dig into the subjects of language and sexiness. First off, can you really change your sexiness? Does making a change in one’s habits, or learning a new skill really create a new, sexier version of you?

Learn A Language

If you learn a new language, you begin to open yourself up to the world. If you’re able to communicate with more people, you do have a likelier chance of tickling someone’s fancy. Mix a little exoticism, develop a new way to perceive the world, and you become quite the attractive catch!

Become Exotic

If you’re a foreigner who learns the native language, you’re in luck. Different people swoon for different accents. Some melt when listening to French and Italian accents or some prefer a Thai or Russian accent. However, people truly love the exotic. What is new is interesting. Whatever is interesting brings with it a level of attractiveness. And what is attractive turns into sexy.

Show Them You Have Dedication

As recent studies taken from dating websites have shown, 97% of people find multi-linguists to be sexy. Why is this the case? It had nothing to do with what the second language is specifically; all that matters is that when a person can communicate in another tongue, they obviously worked and practiced. Learning a second language is an arduous task, and when a person can speak in another language with fluidity it is evidence that a person has dedicated himself or herself to a project.

Change Your Perception

Learning another language also changes one’s perception of the world. Love and romance are complex human emotions, and no language has captured the entirety of either sentiment. When you learn another language, you learn another perception of love. This in turn helps you become a better partner, and makes you an even sexier catch.

So go out and become entrenched in that second language. It may help you find a date in a foreign land, or you may stumble across that special someone who doesn’t speak your mother tongue. With showing off your dedication, changing your perspective, and communicating with a wider audience, you’ll be a diamond in a coalmine. Good luck!

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Sexiest Language Survey Launch Date

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