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Day Translations’ Infographics – England

FIFA Brazil 2014 - England Team
Day Translations’ Infographics – England
on May, 29 2014

FIFA Brazil 2014 - England TeamOne could be forgiven for thinking that England coach, Roy Hodgson, has never experienced football on the South American continent, given the low-key, unremarkable statements he made following his announcement of a 30-man provisional squad that consisted of seven stand-by players. Asking his nation for “realism” and expressing the unfairness of placing hopes “on the shoulders of one man”, Wayne Rooney, seem unusual in a year when the World Cup finals will be held on a continent renowned for its undying devotion to the “world game”. However, Hodgson concluded by saying that England will “do nothing” to let their country down and his words also have the support of Bloomberg Sports, who has ranked England highest in Group D. What Hodgson thinks of Cambridge University cosmologist Stephen Hawking’s findings, announced on May 28, is anyone’s guess.

Day Translations' Infographics - England

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