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Best Hawker Foods in Singapore

Singapore Hawker Foods
Best Hawker Foods in Singapore
on November, 14 2013

Singapore is home to hundreds of hawker places or canteen-like dining venues that will offer you a range of food selections from different restaurants, all located in the same place. This dining venue is flocked by people from Singapore as well as tourists because it is cheap and convenient at the same time. During your next visit make sure not to miss the best hawker foods in Singapore.

Singaporean Noodles
Singapore is famous for selling different types of noodles and soups. This is why most hawker places have at least one restaurant in their location that serves only noodles. Some of the best Singaporean noodles are the seafood and dumpling noodles. If you want to add a little bit of spice to your dish, you can request the server to do that for you. There are some noodles places as well that allow you to choose the ingredients you want your noodles to have. Of course, to be able to enjoy authentic Singaporean flavors, make sure to try all the ingredients that they will suggest.

Singapore Chicken Wings
Singapore’s chicken wings are another crowd favorite. This one can be purchased along with a cup or rice or you can also eat it on its own. The price of an order of chicken wings is around S$1 and considering its size, it’s actually worth the price too. Like most foods in Singapore, you can choose the flavor and dips you want for your chicken. If your palate is able to tolerate spicy foods, make sure to try it because it’s the best.

Hainanese Chicken Rice
If you love chicken, why not try Singapore’s own take on the Hainanese chicken rice. Basically, you will be served chopped strips of white chicken on top of a cup of rice. What makes this dish different is the fact that the sauce used is water based and since the chicken is served without bones it is very easy to eat and finish as well. There’s also no need for you to worry about the taste of this food because it is not to be served spicy.

Bak Kut Teh
Bak Kut Teh is none other than Singapore’s famous pork ribs soup. Instead of the usual dumplings and seafoods, you will to enjoy pork ribs with your soup. You can also order the dish with noodles if you don’t want to eat rice. Whichever way you go, you will definitely love this unique Singaporean delicacy.

Teochow Fish Soup and Porridge
Of course, there are also a number of healthier options if you want to eat at hawker places in Singapore. The teochow fish soup or porridge for instance will make you feel satisfied considering its affordable price. The dish makes use of fish meat and is served either with soup or porridge, a sticky kind of hot rice that is easy to chew and swallow. This dish is also well-loved by the elderly because it is said to have a lot of healthy benefits.

Ngor Hiang Prawn Fritters
If you are looking for a perfect treat to enjoy while drinking a glass of beer, make sure to try the Ngor Hiang Prawn Fritters. This food is served either on a stick or on a plate and makes use of fried prawns. The taste is rather flavorful and if you love eating prawns, you will definitely love Singapore’s version of it.

Pig Organ Soup
Do not feel overwhelmed with how this dish is called because it actually tastes really good. Thousands of tourists who visit Singapore make it a point to try this dish because it is really tasty and unlike any other. While you’re there, make sure to try it as well.

You will never run out of hawker places to visit in Singapore. In fact, this really is your best choice if you want to dine on a budget without sacrificing your desire to enjoy authentic Singaporean cuisine. It would be best if you try a different hawker place every time you’re ready to dine in the city, this is to make sure that you will really get to try the best flavors in the country.

Bernadine Racoma

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