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The People of Aruba Take Pride in Their Rich Cultural Blend

Aruba national flag
The People of Aruba Take Pride in Their Rich Cultural Blend
on October, 29 2013

Aruba is an island in the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea. It is located 12 degrees north of the equator and has an area of 75 square miles. It is inhabited by more than 100,000 people and has its capital in Oranjestad.

Aruban people

The Arubans are people with distinct appearance. Their high cheekbones are attributed to their Indian descent although their nationality also includes a mix blend of Spanish and Dutch. In earlier years the Arawak Indian tribe was the first to inhabit Aruba. These people possessed a friendly disposition. Most of them were engaged in farming and fishing. The most important evidence that these tribal people indeed lived in the area comes in the form of cave inscriptions, paintings and rock art formation that are preserved up to now. Other discoveries made by geologists on the old culture of Aruba are artifacts and clay pottery that were recently excavated. These articles serve as a showcase of the unique craftsmanship and artistry of the Arawaks.

Cultural blend

The coming of the Spanish and Dutch influence introduced changes in the lifestyle, customs and traditions of the Arawak people. Intermarriages took place, resulting to the emergence of a new breed of inhabitants with mixed physical features. More interactions brought by industry and commercialization came about in the island as more merchants from various continents arrived to conduct their trade with the natives. Today, the total population of Aruba consists of some 40 nationalities aside from the original inhabitants. The reordering of the history and government of Aruba came about when successive modifications took place in its heritage. The diversity of the people’s culture is reflected in its present architecture, languages, celebrations and traditions.

Most influential

Among the numerous influences that came along in Aruba, the Dutch influence remains to be the most prominent. Dutch language is the official language of the residents and is widely spoken throughout the island. Aruba and the Netherlands remain to be in close association with one another. One reason why the Netherlands has the most distinguished mark in Aruba is because the Dutch people were the most recent groups that came to Aruba.

Proud to be Arubans

Arubans are peace-loving people. They also exhibit a great sense of hospitality. They take pride in being Arubans despite the lack of pure identity in their nationality. Though many historians remark on their mixed cultural personalities as degrading of Aruba’s true culture, the Arubans regard this unique blend with pride and positive outlook. Their traditions cannot be exactly ascribed to an original entity but they have their own way of blending the old and the new as well as the original and modern influences coming from other nations.

Top tourist destination

Aruba lies in a beautiful tropical island just 12 degrees north of the equator. It has a magnificent landscape accentuated by its amazing beaches, buildings and parks. The island remains to be one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The Arubans believe that among the major attractions in the territory are the people whose warmth and friendly nature makes every visitor feel welcomed and at home.

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