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Children’s Book Week 2013 Celebrated with List of Books for Kids Tackling Global Issues

Children’s Book Week 2013 Celebrated with List of Books for Kids Tackling Global Issues
on May, 15 2013

One of the many objectives of the creators of Children’s Book Week 2013 is to instill in young children a love of reading. A staff member of the international group, “One” has brought together a list of six children’s books that have been written for children and yet tackle serious global issues such as globalization, malaria, and HIV/AIDS.

The authors of these books all have the common gift of discussing these very important issues through storytelling. These books are all available online.

A list of children’s books worth reading

Brit Sharon’s “Little Feet, Big Step”

This a story about a young girl named Gabby who committed to fundraising for AIDS Walk in the community where she lives and tells the lovely story of her journey in coming to terms with the truth about AIDS. She also learned about the reasons why people get together for a worthy cause.

Gcina Mhlophe’s “Ithemba Means Hope”

This is about a young boy who has parents with HIV and who helps his best friend and neighbor in taking their anti-retroviral drugs regularly.

Hiltje Vink’s “Brenda Has a Dragon in Her Blood”

This is another book that deals with AIDS. Unlike the other stories, this one is based on true events and deals with the challenges faced by children and their families with HIV.

The Nunes’ “Little Things Make Big Differences: A Story About Malaria”

This is about Rehema from Tanzania. John Nunes and Monique Nunes wrote about this girl who contracted malaria in her very young age. She survived the disease because of her parents’ timely treatment for her.

Stephanie Lainez’s “Rachel and the Lion”

This is about another girl from Africa who had malaria and had to face tragic events in her home. She had a relationship with a Lion who helps her understand many things. This book can be used by parents in discussing difficult issues such as death and sickness as well as respect and honesty to their offspring.

Rana DiOrio’s “What Does It Mean to Be Global”

This is a good tool to teach children about the virtues of exploration as well as respecting the culture, values, and religions of different people around the world. This thoughtful story tells about the adventure of children who go around the world to see the pyramids, eat sushi, learn Swahili and celebrate Kwanzaa.

May 13-19

Children’s Book Week (CBW) is a national celebration that is observed every year on May 13-19. Commemorative activities are organized not just in libraries but in schools, museums, bookstores and these days websites as well. This yearly event is the longest-running initiative for literacy in the United States.

Children’s Book Week was founded in 1919 by the Children’s Book Council with the mandate of advocating the significance of children’s books and young adult literature. The founders fervently believe that literacy and children’s books can change the lives of people. Franklin K. Matthiews was a key player in those days. Matthiews was librarian of the Boy Scouts of America and in 1913 he started making tours around the country in order to improve the standards of children’s books at that time. Matthiews was the one who put forward the proposal for CBW.

Bernadine Racoma

Bernadine is a writer, researcher, professional and multi-awarded blogger and new media consultant. She brings with her a rich set of experience in the corporate world, as well as in the field of research and writing. Having taken early retirement after working as an international civil servant and traveling the world for 22 years, she has aggressively pursued her main interest in writing and research. You can also find Bernadine Racoma at .

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