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Staying Beautiful the Asian Way

Staying Beautiful the Asian Way
on April, 10 2013

All women anywhere in the world, regardless of social class, want to look their best. When it comes to having great skin and hair, Asians have always been known to have some of the fairest and smoothest skin, as well as straight, silky smooth hair. Though some beauty product brands from the Far East have started hitting western shores, there are some traditional beauty secrets that have been handed down from generation to generation, oftentimes using natural products along the way.

Here’s a quick look at how Asian women manage to stay young looking and the things they do to look their very best.

Staying away from the sun

Fair skin is highly prized among Asian women, which is why there are a number of whitening products in the market, compared to tanning and bronzing products found in Western countries. Asian women stay away from the sun, which is something that dermatologists all over the world have been telling women to do if they want to avoid developing freckles, wrinkles and other signs of sun damage.

Staying active

Exercise is a great way to stay young looking and healthy. Yoga is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that has many benefits, not only in helping the skin remain toned, but also helping in clearing the mind, improving circulation and releasing toxins in the body. For the Chinese, they stay fit by doing Tai-Chi and other exercises.

Drinking warm liquids

Asian women are known to drink hot tea or beverages served at room temperature. This is especially true for the Chinese, who believe that it is unhealthy for the body to consume cold beverages since it disrupts the flow of chi in the body. However, it is also believed that drinking warm liquids, especially green tea and oolong teas, helps Asian women stay slimmer, because it helps the body in the digestion process. Warm liquids are also believed to help dissolve fat and help it pass through the body much more easily.

Moisturize naturally

With coconuts abundant in the Philippines, Filipino women are certain to take advantage of this natural wonder. The coconut oil derived from the coconuts is a great moisturizer for the hair and skin. The coconut milk can be applied to the hair to keep it strong and lustrous.
In India, honey is used as a facial mask and moisturizer, especially when mixed with milk or even saffron. The juice from the Aloe Vera plant can also be directly applied to the scalp to help prevent falling hair.

Acne treatments
In India, the women infuse Neem with their tea and use it to treat acne-prone skin. The Neem plant is also known to ward of nasty mosquitoes. Another plant that is commonly used by Indian women to treat pimples and other skin blemishes is the herb Tulsi, which is mixed with milk and applied to the skin.

There you have it! These are just some of the natural ways that the women of Asia manage to stay beautiful and will work for all women anywhere in the world.

Bernadine Racoma

Bernadine is a writer, researcher, professional and multi-awarded blogger and new media consultant. She brings with her a rich set of experience in the corporate world, as well as in the field of research and writing. Having taken early retirement after working as an international civil servant and traveling the world for 22 years, she has aggressively pursued her main interest in writing and research. You can also find Bernadine Racoma at .

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