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Holy Days, Holidays and Wacky Days of December

Holy Days, Holidays and Wacky Days of December
on December, 03 2012

December. It’s the last month of the year. The winter solstice, the official date when winter begins in the northern hemisphere is on December 21. It is also the end of the Mayan Calendar on the same date. Some people believe that the world will end on that day. But fear not, as this superstition even caught the ire of the Mayan elders. Rather than the world ending, they firmly predict that the world would be transformed. It is the opportune time for everyone to be “more human.”

Taking that into careful consideration, then it is very fitting that December 2012 is the Universal Human Rights Month and December 10 is declared as Human Rights Day. Do we have to be prepared? Of course! We have to make changes in our lives, and be more aggressive in making a difference. We have to be more concerned about the environment and our health. Think peace, love, tolerance, forgiveness, gratitude, sharing and respect, but not just in December or during Human Rights month or day. Let's do it throughout oour lifetime.

What is Human Rights?

Technically its definition is the “fundamental rights that every one is entitled to, within the boundaries of law, regardless of ethnicity, country, time, gender or age.” It brings forward the continuing struggle of so many people to have access to the basic necessities in life.

What’s there in December?

But December is not just confined to being aware of human rights. It’s about the coming holiday celebrations; observance of religious traditions like Christmas, Kwanzaa and Advent. Advent began on December 2 while Hannukah starts on the 8th and ends on the 16th of December.

December 7 is a sad and tragic moment in history, but likewise recalled as Pearl Harbor Day. For the Buddhists, December 8 is sacred, as this is the time when Buddha received enlightenment, naming the day Bodhi Day.

December 9 is International Children’s Day and December 27 is the feast of St. John the Evangelist. Of course, the most awaited one is December 31, the highlight for the whole year, New Year’s Eve.

Taking stock of oneself is usually done around this time of the year. But it should not suck away the spirit of liveliness and fun. People equate each day of the year to something momentous, funny and even wacky. And the month of December is no exception. Have you ever heard of some of the “day of” associated with this month?

Wacky December

Did you know that December 5 is Bathtub Party Day? And that is it a copyrighted holiday? Mitten Tree Day is on December 6.

Although the origin is obscure, December 7 has always been known as Letter Writing Day. People who started this must have had their hands “full” on this day. Japan celebrates an actual Letter Writing Day on the 23rd day of each month.

There are several days in December with a corresponding celebration of obscure and dubious origins, yet they are fun to do. Just enjoy it and feel your stress fly away. Think food and you have a day for cotton candy, brownies, pastry, ice cream, date nut bread, egg nog, pumpkin and fruitcake. But did you know that July was declared by former President Reagan as National Ice Cream Month and every third Sunday in July is Ice Cream Day? That makes it official. Whoever started celebrating Baking Soda Day on December 30 must be a chemist.

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