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Dreaming of a White Christmas

Dreaming of a White Christmas
on December, 08 2012

Irving Berlin wrote the classic Christmas song, White Christmas early in the 1940s. It was recorded by Bing Crosby in 1942. He re-recorded the song in 1947 because the master track was so worn out due to overuse. The song is nostalgic, evoking a Christmas that is old-fashioned and traditional. It's been a hit, then and now.

But not everyone has the chance to experience a white Christmas, which means having snow on Christmas Day. While it snows in most parts of Europe and the Northern Hemisphere, it is not a natural occurrence in the Southern Hemisphere except in Antarctica, in some parts of the Andes in South America and in the South Island's Southern Alps in New Zealand. Technically, white Christmas in the U.S. means that there is at least an inch of snow on the ground on Christmas morning. In Canada it should be more than two centimeters.

If you are from a region where you will not have a chance of experiencing a white Christmas, were would you go?

If you are in Asia and you want to go somewhere close by to see a white Christmas and enjoy some skiing, try the Nanshan Ski Village in Beijing. Or you might want to visit the Deamyung Vivaldi Park in South Korea. Japan has the Gala Yazawa and Hakuba Valley which are near Tokyo while India has a ski resort in Gulmarg.

Is Europe your dream destination for a white Christmas vacation? If you want something magical and romantic and could certainly afford it, then here are some European destinations that would surely give you some fantastic white Christmas memories.

Cap off your visit to Switzerland with a trip to Zurich to see the huge Christmas tree adorned with thousands of sparkling Swarovksi crystals. Norway and Canada will give you thousands of thrills in the snow, while exploring other wonders of nature.

White Christmas Trivia

- The probability of having at least one inch of snow in Washington, D.C. is 13%.
- West Virginia has the greatest chance to have at least 10 inches of snow, so too Denver in Colorado.
- Alaska holds the record for receiving the highest snowfall on Christmas Day but only seven out of its 22 cities are lucky to have at least one inch of snow on Christamas Day.
- Caribou, Maine has a 97% chance of having snow on the ground on Christmas Day. On the other hand, Stampede Pass in Washington has a 100% probability of at least five inches of snow by Christmas morning.
- Among the Southern States, Arkansas is most likely to have at least one inch of snow for a white Christmas.
- Florida has a zero chance of experiencing a white Christmas.
- Maine holds the record for creating the largest snowman. It weighed a whopping 9 million pounds and was over 113 feet high.
- In California, the town of Blue Canyon is the most likely to experience a white Christmas morning.
- Montana holds a Guinness World Record for having the largest single snowflake while Puerto Rico is a record-holder for having the warmest temperature on Christmas Day.

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