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Film Translation Services: Translation of Foreign Movies, Films, Cartoons, Documentaries and TV Shows

Day translations is a professional translation company that offers various services in the areas of translation and interpretation, which operates on all countries, supporting major world languages. Our team of professional and certified translators and interpreters have vast international experience, coupled with strong cultural knowledge.

Film script translation is one of our areas of expertise, from dubbing (domestication) to subtitling (foreignisation). Our professional film script translation services cover different formats and types of film script translation – transcription, voiceovers, and audiovisual translation of content such as movie pictures, features, documentaries, interviews, theatre plays, screenplays, advertisements, institutional videos, conferences, educational videos, among other services you or your company may require. And our team is always ready to assist you with your film script translations’ needs in any language and anywhere in the world.

We offer you the best quality audiovisual and film script translation services on the market with the highest level of accuracy, so let our team of expert film translators do the job for you. We will be more than happy to provide you a free quote within 15 minutes.

Film Script / Movie Translation Services

In a continually evolving world of mass media where its influence extends to multitude of cultures around the globe, the film remains a favourable medium of choice. It has become a profitable industry as film makers or companies take advantage of the world market, distributing and importing movies and edging through the dynamics of cultural diversity.

So whether the film is from a small country somewhere in Asia or a large one in Europe, the main goal is to reach and bring enjoyment to the target audience – the viewers. Day Translations is committed to the same purpose, providing you world-class film script translation services – in any language!

We at Day Translations understand that film script translation is not just all about linguistics. The key is a deep understanding about the intended culture – its beliefs, practices, the socio and political impact of such, as well as the audience’s familiarity with the movie business. The strength of a translated film relies on the accurate and culturally-oriented depictions of the words and their variants, while retaining all the film elements, e.g. the intended theatrics, allusions, subtleties, aside from the timing which should be thoroughly synchronized with the film script. A film script translation that is fluid and natural, at the same time preserving the real essence of the original film is our ultimate goal. And whatever mode of film script translation it requires, whether dubbing (domestication) or subtitling (foreignisation), we will render the film script translation precisely to the target language.

Our multilingual script translation is done by the experts – not just boasting excellent command of the language that your project may entail, but also vast experience in both television and film businesses. Also, we know that in film script translation, creativeness is vital. Our film translators possess creativity – sharp imagination and swift improvisation, making certain that the film script translation is faithful and authentic to the nature of the original film. In short, with us you’ll be dealing with reliable professionals with proven track record in producing high-quality film script translations.

We want to become your most useful and practical communication tool, so we invite you to contact one of our professional translators and we can assure you, we’ll meet and even exceed your expectations.

Importance of Professional Film Script Translation

In a globalized world like the one we’re living in, films, plays, documentaries, interviews and many other kinds of audiovisual artistic or educational pieces are one of the most used and effective ways of communicating and spreading cultural elements, history, diversity, etc. And language shouldn’t be an obstacle, but a useful tool in delivering clear and interesting contents to the rest of the world. Not to worry, Day Translations’ professional film script translators have the same objective. In addition, we’re not only experts on languages, but also great lovers of cultures and arts and we understand the importance of a perfectly rendered film script translation, and we can do that in any language and in any city in the world.

We know how awful it is to watch a movie with inaccurate subtitles or with bad dubbing so we are committed to produce first class, culturally targeted film script translations that will elicit enjoyment from viewers. So don’t just let anyone ruin all your great work. Choose the right team and let Day Translations handle all of your film script translations. We can guarantee professionalism, since all of our film script translators work under a strong code of ethics and we understand absolute confidentiality. We welcome you to contact us now and try our service!