Certified Translation Samples

Examples of translated documents with our certified seal!

Our 5-step Quality Process:


Step 1:

Document is translated by a professional translator.

Step 2:

Document is proofread by a team of proofreaders.

Step 3:

Document is formatted to mirror the original document.

Step 4:

Document is checked by the project manager for quality and accuracy.

Step 5:

Final document is delivered to the client.

Please see below some samples of finished certified translations. These are not the originals, we just take great care and detail into formatting. After you send us your document for translation, we will email you a proof of the document and once you approve, we will mail it to your office or home. All of these are samples with fake names and numbers. These are merely to show you our expertise and talent in translation, proofreading and formatting. Please click here to submit a document for translation.

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Birth Certificate Spanish

Sample Italian Translation

Certificate of Accuracy

Sample French Translation

German to English Sample

Portuguese Translation Sample

Greek to English Sample

Russian Translation Sample

Sample Arabic Translation

Sample Mandarin Translation

Sample Spanish Translation

Hindi to English Sample

Sample USA Citizenship Italian

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